Helpful Hints & Tips

Money’s tight and times are hard. What did our mothers, grandmothers, aunties and other (mostly) female forbears do when hit with the Depression and then war rations? They sucked in their guts, tightened their girdles, and made do. Of course they weren’t the 24/7 instant gratification, packaged & convenience focussed society we are now, but why not take a few lessons from them, save a few bucks, and maybe even reduce a bit of pollution along the way?

I’ve decided to put another site together and I’m seeking out the old home made remedies and recipes to consolidate into a bit of a database for anyone else like me that is interested in giving the old stuff a try. We might save a bit of dosh and avoid some of the chemicals that we eat, breathe and sleep with our modern pre-packaged convenience cleaners and foods.

Don’t expect any grow-your-own and or gardening tips from me though. If in fact you were considering starting your own little vege patch or flower garden you probably need to go and get yourself disinfected or something. I am the original black thumb! I have managed to kill off varying types of cactus, succulent and other “impossible to kill” plants! I’d hate to ruin your chances of success.

So – to find my helpful advice to use yourself, or to contribute something your grandmother used to do – click this link: