Who am I?

I am a 40+ year old aspiring minimalist, aspiring blogger, aspiring fitness fanatic, aspiring health food nut, and aspiring wealthy philanthropist!

In reality, I am a minor hoarder, sporadic and piecemeal blogger, totally unfit, overweight and addicted to junk food, just managing to pay the bills, and only recently (18 months down the track) able to admit that I have even seen my 40th birthday in the distance.

Oh, and that’s Ozkar beside me, he’s the boss, and he does all the proof-reading and approves content. Critter – the other team member is hiding somewhere, he’s a bit shy and didn’t really want to be mentioned at all, but just in case we come across him at some point, I thought he better have had a bit of an introduction

In my blog I plan to share my likes and dislikes along my way to attempting to achieve some of my aspirations and maybe collect some new ones along the way.


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