My favourite stories from this week . . .

So in the spirit of scaring up positive news stories – here’s my favourites from this week (some you may have heard of – some maybe news to you . . .

Single Mom Shares Her Professor’s Response After She Misses Class, And Professor’s Response Wins The Internet

I love the response of this lady’s professor who, as part of her response, suggested that next time this student/mother found herself in a similar spot, to bring her child to class and the professor would look after the child while teaching the class so that the mother wouldn’t be distracted and could be an active participant in the class. Good to see that the professor in the Department of Child and Family Studies can walk the walk!

For me – the above story was right up there with this one:

CEO’s reply to employee mental health sick day email goes viral

This lady had the intestinal fortitude to place an out-of-office message on her email that read:

“I’m taking today and tomorrow to focus on my mental health. Hopefully I’ll be back next week refreshed and back to 100%.”

The response of her CEO, was just awesome – and then she posted the email trail on twitter and blew up the internet! Kudos to Ben Congleton of Olark, the CEO and Company in question who are probably having their email servers blown up with Resumes and “Can I work for you” requests right about now.

Even more refreshing was the follow-on piece that the Ben Congleton went on to post on Medium about how mental health should be treated in 2017. My favourite part of his post read: “It’s 2017. We are in a knowledge economy. Our jobs require us to execute at peak mental performance. When an athlete is injured they sit on the bench and recover. Let’s get rid of the idea that somehow the brain is different.” If you want to read the whole post – check it out here.




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