A bit of a re-boot

While it’s been a year or two since I last posted, I’ve discovered a reason to kick this blog back into life. With the ongoing news items reflecting the general decline of the way we treat each other as human beings, I feel like we need to turn the focus around.

If we stop paying attention to negative news, from the crappy behaviours of our bratty tennis “stars”, to the terrorists committing horrendous atrocities to gain attention for their causes. Granted – I’m in danger of sounding like the adult role model who told me to “ignore the bullies and they’ll go away” when I first encountered bullying as a young child – but perhaps there is some merit in it?

Anyway – my point (yes I do have one) is – that I am determined to make this blog a bit of a voice for change! (Just in case anyone’s listening 😉 ) I want to use this space for sharing the really awesome positive stories which should be commonplace but sadly, now seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

There have been a couple of stories that have come to my attention in the last day or two that have prompted this little burst of blogging energy and I’ll feature them in upcoming posts.

In the meantime – here’s my own personal cute cat moment – because, well – it’s the internet and cute cat pictures are just awesome!!!

Cats in the sink

We were in the process of moving house and I wanted to keep the cats contained so they didn’t freak out and disappear. I made the bathroom all nice and comfortable – their beds, food and water were in there with them, litterbox in the shower stall, but apparently I had it all wrong as I popped my head in to check on them during the morning of frantic packing and loading, to find them snuggled up together in the sink. Too cute!!



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