My favourite stories from this week . . .

So in the spirit of scaring up positive news stories – here’s my favourites from this week (some you may have heard of – some maybe news to you . . .

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A bit of a re-boot

While it’s been a year or two since I last posted, I’ve discovered a reason to kick this blog back into life. With the ongoing news items reflecting the general decline of the way we treat each other as human beings, I feel like we need to turn the focus around. Continue reading

Oh it’s been a while!

Oh boy, I can’t believe it’s July already and I haven’t posted anything on this site since March! I’ve just started up another blog which is pretty much a repository for all of the really cool crafting ideas I come across on the Internet, so now I have bloggers guilt (I’m sure there is such a thing) over how I’ve neglected this one.

If you’re curious, you can find my new blog here. At the moment I’m just storing the ideas I’d like to try there. As I get around to projects I plan to update my posts with my progress and results, and any tweaks I may have made along the way.

Hope you stop by for a nosey, and I’ll endeavor to commit a bit more time and energy to this blog now that I’m back in the land of blogging!